Unique of Wood Cart For Your Business

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Hello … This time we will share tips on Angkringan’s business in Jakarta. For those who want to succeed at let moored. We will share how to succeed with a company that is a poor capital. In addition, we will also help you find a place to sell angkringan cart in Jakarta as a tool of your war

Unique of Wood Cart For Your Business.

To be successful is everybody’s dream. I guess you too, right? Particularly successful in Jakarta. Capital with a high level of regional salary. But how do you succeed, when, for example, you, I am not graduated from high school or high school, or even from primary school? Working in the informal sector in Jakarta is not easy.

I’m sure your 100% Jakarta business will fail if you do not pay attention to certain things. No need to walk around Jakarta, you opened a case but it failed. Instead of luck instead of the strain. Failure that, of course, you will anticipate. Different ways to travel to avoid it.

Okay, what should be considered successful when doing business in Jakarta? You should know that Jakarta is a city with a dense population. Everybody knows it. In other words, you must be optimistic about your business opportunity because of the large market share. Especially the culinary activity that everyone is looking for.

Good Advice

First, you do not have to think of commercial competitors. A large market share is generally offset by strong commercial competition. Because? Because it’s a promising land, so it’s only natural that people want to try their luck there. Including you. Well, not pessimistic with many competitors.

What should be a point of reference is how to achieve at least 10-30% of the economic recovery in the area in which you are going to do business. A point below that. It depends on you. After all, you know the market.

Second, create innovation. This should not be lost in your mind. Innovation not only in terms of products. You can also service, decorate the room or the price. The forms are many. Have you ever heard of an SS post? Just for example. When it comes to cooking a lot, it’s worth it. But he has created many innovations that range from screen, service and others.

Well, this angkringan company we say innovative. In terms of price, it can be applied economically. While generally the food in Jakarta is expensive. But you must understand this cheap intention. Angkringan is a company that can apply low prices. Because, in terms of the menu itself, it’s typical. Consumers buy seeds, not the package menu. In the mind of the consumer can be considered cheap.

Third, marketing. Now the age of the Internet. Marketing is not just about the mouth. But also through the Internet. Invite others to visit your store. Offer a discount on a special day, or the first day open for many diners to eat at home. Do not hunt much in the early stages of the business. But it creates a close relationship with the consumer. It is also a means of marketing. The hope is to create loyal customers / consumers who eat every day in the position.

Many companies are BANK because they only think about profits. They cannot read great opportunities to make only a profit. If you already have a regular customer, you do not have to be confused to find new customers. The benefit is obtained precisely after becoming familiar with the regular customer.

Fourth, find a strategic place. Strategic locations help you grow your business easily. But make sure it’s not illegal. Jakarta is very vulnerable to evictions. If you want to last a long time, you need to make sure that busy commercial land is safe. If you do not have a strategic location, you can also use a shared place. REMEMBER that what is important is safe.


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