Tips for Choosing Wedding Suits for Men

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Also the protagonist of the Great Day, the groom deserves special attention and must dress properly for this event. Do you have questions about what to use? And what accessories must be included? Determine the perfect wedding dress for you!
Don’t miss wedding dresses to get married Humans are somewhat “lost” in clothes, right? But with some practical and simple tips from Deborah Cattani, everything is easier and the final decision is made.

1. Find and determine your style

What is my style? This is the first question that the groom must ask himself. To choose a wedding dress for the wedding day, it is important that the man knows how to define what he likes most, the color he feels most at home. If your style is more alternative and weddings will be more loosened, there is no reason to choose super traditional clothing like cutaway or cloth suits with some luster. On the most special day of your life, feeling comfortable is the main important point.

2. Choose what suits the marriage proposal

Know your style, identify marriage proposals. An event on the beach and feet in the sand, for example, provides a wide selection of the most neat groom garments. Braces and even hats can be inserted. In proposals for more classic marriages, and with nighttime achievements, the composition needs to be more sophisticated: clothing, tuxedos, skirts are a good choice.

3. Accessory options?

Just like for women and brides, accessories complement costumes and give “what” more in appearance. See what and how to wear wedding clothes. Cuff Super charming and elegant, they are suitable for use in the most sophisticated groom garments, in traditional event proposals and most at night ceremonies.


According to the bridal style consultant, watches are allowed for the groom. But it is important that it is a sophisticated model, not too big and, if possible, brings stories. “Sometimes it’s a family heirloom, or a gift from someone special. So it’s worth considering its use. If not, you should avoid it,” the specialist explained.


If you wear glasses, this has become part of your personality, right? So make sure to wear it on wedding day. Sunglasses, however, are not very ordinary and will not match the event. On this special day, the eye contact of the guests, family and bride is the most important.

Wallets and cellphones

These are items that make the volume in the pocket of the groom and must, if possible, be avoided. The wallet can be left with several family members or at a wedding party kit prepared by an adviser for a new bride. Already a general cell phone in a ceremony, still more for hours of making marriage vows.

But even so, for this accessory there are no obstacles. If the groom feels more comfortable using a cellphone, you should make sure that you don’t make volume on clothes.

Or handkerchief or boutonniere

Doubts are quite common: what should be worn on a jacket? According to the bridal style consultant shows choose one of two options. That’s because the combination of handkerchief + boutonnière will produce a full and somewhat excessive appearance. But if the groom’s personality is more expansive and not too basic, a combination can occur.

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