The Hijab Facts

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hijab facts

What is hijab? It would be strange if a question someone asked not a Muslim. Hijab is the modest clothes for Muslim women. The legal system in Islam defines the hijab as covering everything except the face and hands in public. There’s always a misconception among people that Muslim women are forced to wear the hijab. This thought about the hijab completely wrong. To make you understand the fact, please read further to discover the true meaning of hijab here. Keep reading to find out the truth.

As it is already known that Muslim women’s clothing must meet requirements such as: clothes should not be tight, clothing should not be transparent, clothing should not reveal the shape of her body, and clothes must not resemble the clothes especially worn by men. However, not only does this hijab headscarf. This is the complete way of covering the body. Only certain parts of a woman’s body that can be displayed to the public i.e., hands, face, and some say, feet.

Sometimes happens, others have the misconception that Muslim women are forced to sacrifice the beauty of his body with should wear a veil. Muslim women can also do things that make her feel beautiful and look presentable to the outside world. She could wear colorful clothes (although it shouldn’t be overdone), she can wear jewelry such as hijab pins that are fun (though he must ensure that the jewelry is not to attract attention), and she can use the beauty products that make them look pretty. A Muslim woman should always look neat, clean and beautiful.

In conclusion, the beauty of Muslim women is not to attract men, but to be a good example of moral guidance for people in this beautiful world. [NP]

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