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Anyone who has ever rented a car has been asked if he or she desires to pay for rental car insurance. While many refuse the option due to the extra cost and have a successful vacation, others refuse the insurance only to wish that they had it. The one question that many travelers debate each year is whether rental car insurance is truly worth the money.


Typically, around 30% of customers at car rental companies choose to purchase one form or another of rental car insurance. However, nearly one-half of the people who take out rental car insurance do not fully understand their policy or what is covered. Many consumers get the rental insurance to just to make sure that they are covered. They do not know if any of their current insurance already covers rental car damage.

In most cases, travelers renting a car have three options for insurance. Using your personal auto insurance, choosing a credit card rental insurance, and purchasing insurance through a car rental company are the most common ways to be covered while driving a rental car.

Some insurance companies cover you driving a rental car. However, never assume that your current auto insurance will pick the cost of rental car damage. Always call ahead of time and check with your agent.

Some credit card companies also offer rental car insurance if you use the card to charge the cost of renting the car. If this is the method that you choose, always ask that the credit company send you a statement in writing with all of the details of the insurance covered in the policy.

The last option for gaining rental insurance for a car is through the car rental company. Rental companies offer a variety of choices for obtaining insurance. Loss damage waivers and collision damage waivers act as your auto liability and collision insurance. Other supplements may also be added.

Whether or not it is a good idea for you to purchase rental car insurance all depends on your current situation. If your auto insurance does not cover rental cars or if you do not have any type of auto insurance, paying for the loss damage waiver (LDW) or collision damage waiver (CDW) is a good idea. However, if you have collision and liability insurance that covers a rental car, then there is no need to double up on your coverage.

If you choose to take out the rental car insurance, check with both the rental company and the credit card company to compare the insurance. Be cautious about paying for insurance that your personal insurance will cover. Many rental companies offer accentual death, medical, and personal property insurance. However, if you have life insurance, medical insurance, and medical insurance you are already covered in the case of your death or injury.

The most important thing to know when deciding whether to choose the option for rental car insurance is if you are already covered and if not, what is covered in the available policies. Never take out rental car insurance without doing your research.

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