Six Tips to Make your Make Up Happen All The Time

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Successful makeup secrets are the first of all training! In order for the makeup to be perfectly mastered, you need to know the right movements.Find step by step how to arrange your eyes according to their shape and color. You will find lots of beauty tips and tricks for drawing the perfect mouth, for having fresh and radiant skin, for wearing your eyeliner, how to hook your blush with your lipstick … Learn different techniques of make-up to remove small defects and put your face in value.

Disguised rings

Concealer works differently on the east and west skin rings. The first, chestnuts, fade in peach tones, while seconds, usually bluish, cancel pink lobsters. These colors are applied before concealer, it chooses in the range of skin complexion, maybe a little clearer.

Sheer eyes

There are two types of smokey eyes. Easy, the one we did in the taxi, in two minutes, which left the lash line and towards the eyebrows. For this one, draw a line with a thick pencil with eyelashes, then fade with a brush. The second responds to the same fading technique, but this time from the outside of the eye to the inside. Smoother, less suitable for smaller eyes.

A good mine

We often see ourselves as paler than we really are. But we cannot betray the plot. A common mistake is to correct the “dirty head” by destroying it. We really have to bet on rosés, which looks good. And most importantly, there is no coral for pale skin.

Work in three areas

Our faces are not uniform in color. We have all three areas, forehead, cheekbones and neck, which correspond to three different features. In each of these zones, it is necessary to imagine a different scope, under the pain of a bland and unnatural effect. The skin works with zones, with three types of blush on a neutral foundation.

Lips drawn but relaxed

In the mood of an unstructured effect, his mouth faded. To get optimal lipstick, be sure to trace the entire mouth in the first layer with lip pencil. Red then applied with a brush or finger. Then we fade the tip of the mouth with cotton, for ordinary effects.

The last suggestion? Important ingredients!

Make-up is like cooking. You can cook asparagus in a clam pan, but it will be more complicated! In every make-up, brush it. Indeed, for sophisticated make-up, you need to mix three colors for make-up, clear tones, means, dark ones. On the eyelids, for example. And with every color, the brush, so the effect is real. Blending, a technique consisting of pigment mixing, requires one to rotate the brush a little by destroying makeup. That’s how they mix in the best way.


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