Simple Decorating Your Home Space

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Simple Decorating Your Home Space

Many of us are reluctant to decorate decisions for fear that we may be violating unwritten design rules. And it is true that, although it is not written, some good practices are presented by experts (and people who are certainly not experts). The truth is that the so-called “rules” of the style of the house can be resolved with surprising results, as shown in each of the following examples.

Each room should have a touch of color

A monochromatic palette can bore you. And it is clear that the explosion of color will make things very interesting. Instead of doing something dramatic, think about adding visual interest, not color, but the liberal use of various properties and materials. Discover how this hammered workbench and natural furniture fabrics add depth to a neutral living room.

The dining chairs should be the same

The dining table is a meeting place for everyone. You can emphasize this idea by mixing the furniture here. When combined with common colors, even several chair styles can be interesting and not necessarily uniform.

Create a small and simple space

Even small furniture can block the small room if it fills the room with too many different parts. Instead of exaggerating, select only one or two larger sections instead. In this way, you can really contribute to a greater sense of space. When it comes to color, a little more. Experiment with dark or strong nuances to make strong affirmations that can not be excessive.

The blanket must be white

Do you like certain colors? Soaked in that The glow that shines on the head emits a bright light and greets the associated accent pieces, including window furniture, furniture and even place settings.

A model for a room

Dare in your mix of patterns. A couple of lines with paisley, flowers with geometric patterns. You can also consider adding a pattern to the ceiling. However, be sure to keep the balance between the different models by repeating the same color.

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