Popular IHOP Stuffed French Toast Recipe at Home

IHOP stuffed French Toast Recipe

IHOP is a phenomenal restaurant based in California, America and established in 1958. It is officially known as the International House of Pancakes. French toast becomes their star food since IHOP’s founders decided to serve breakfast menu called IHOP French Toast Recipe. This menu simply is a bread which usually serve in breakfast in the hotel or restaurant. We actually can make it at home to prepare it for family’s breakfast. In making it, the main ingredients sure is French breads, at least two slices of bread, eggs, and milk. Some recipes for some toppings are listed on the Tournecooking.com.

Baked cream cheese stuffed French Toast

First topping of IHOP stuffed French toast is baked cream cheese. The ingredients are cream cheese, fruit jam, slivered almonds, one load French bread, four eggs, a teaspoon extract of almond and light brown sugar, a cup of milk, two tablespoon of butter, and maple syrup. Firstly, preheat the cast iron griddle to 300 degrees F. Then, beat the cream cheese, ham, and slivered almond by using mixer. Prepare the bread, fill in the cream cheese mixture. Besides, whisk the eggs, almond extract, brown sugar, and milk. Let the bread dip on the eggs mixture. Then put it on the buttered griddle a cook until brown. Then baked cream cheese stuffed French toast is ready to serve.

Cheese cake stuffed French Toast

Cheese cake in IHOP stuffed French Toast has some other toppings. To make it easier, we can make strawberry cheese cake stuffed French toast. We will need two slices of French breads, an ounce cream cheese, vanilla extract for a half teaspoon, grated lemon zest and sugar for a half teaspoon, a half cup of heavy cream,unsalted butterand maple syrup for dressing. The way to make it is just the same as cream cheese stuffed French toast. It only differs in the way of dressing the French toast and its topping.

Easy stuffed French Toast

Another IHOP French toast recipe is the most simple, easy stuffed French toast. This recipe is for those who love the original one. To make this recipe, the ingredients will consist of some slices of breads, three cups of milk, two eggs, a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, a block of cream cheese, and cinnamon sugar (for topping, optional). As the previous way to cook, this easy French toastis also cooked as those. In the end of the stages, we can sprinkle the cinnamon-sugar there or not based on our desire. RFA

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