Indonesian Batik Fabric

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Various models of male batik combinations are sold online by various online batik stores throughout Indonesia. In Tokopedia, you can find the latest look of men’s batik shirt model that blends colors, motifs and styles of design. Batik combination to be one of the latest models that provide a more modern appearance for the design of batik men today. With a distinctive style of batik motifs combined in shirts or shirts, male batik can now be easily combined with other fashion such as jeans, trousers office materials up to shorts. Of course, in addition to impressed more tidy, batik clothes combination for men can be worn for various occasions such as party events, meetings, work to casual while traveling. This batik boss model is a popular choice of various circles, in addition to be paired with the type of subordinate fashion or pants. The use of accessories such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets also add to the eccentricity of batik clothes that wear

Indonesian Batik Fabric.

Shown cool and slang can begin with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved batik shirt. As a cultural heritage, this outfit also has a model that has been adapted to the fashion of today. Starting from the combination of male batik to size slim fit that makes the appearance more fit and dashing just by wearing a batik shirt. For daily performances, men’s batik can be adjusted with long sleeves that can be used for more formal or exclusive events such as weddings, formal meetings to formal activities that require tidiness. Meanwhile, short-sleeved male batik is suitable for “batik friday” clothes in the office, traveling on weekends with family or friends to casual events. To appear more optimal, available a variety of choices of combination batik clothes by combining a plain colored clothes with batik style. More complete shopping fashion batik. Shown fashionable with a selection of modern male batik clothes.

There are thousands of batik fashion with size, color and fabric such as cotton, silk and satin. In addition to having a collection of male batik models complete with the best price, buy a batik shirt. Choose and buy batik from various regions such as Solo, Bali or Malang and send quickly to destination. There are many choices of motifs and designs of modern batik clothes that are suitable for dress and fashion everyday. To get the right batik, look for a plain batik color or can be adjusted to the color of the pants you have. The important thing is to avoid the style that is too “crowded” to give the impression of calm & casual, especially for short-sleeved batik commonly used from time to time and all conditions. For batik work model men choose size slim fit clothes to reinforce the line of the body and the dominant style with the line. There are many batik shops & online batik boutiques for modern menswear.

Find a collection of modern batik fashion with a choice of batik motifs typical of batik fabric, the size to model from various areas such as Batik from Solo, Bali, Banyumas, Madura, Malang, Pekalongan, Tasikmalaya, Aceh, Cirebon, Jombang, Banten, Kudus, Tulungagung, Kediri to Jepara. With unique ethnic motifs and patterns typical of each region, batik men have more options that can be selected according to taste to condition. Get all collections of modern men’s batik clothes of various brands with low prices. Ranging from the latest batik for work, long sleeve long sleeves batik for party events up to the choice of design modern batik clothes. In addition to more easily find men’s batik clothes, various online batik boutiques also provide accessories to batik cloth to be paired with a fashion look for all needs. When you are no matter with all, find Indonesian batik fabric on


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