Ideas Kitchen Decorating at Home

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Of course, it’s natural to try out the beautiful things you see in glamorous or brilliant fashion shows, but it’s even more satisfying to see what only people in their homes can do. Ruin your inner voyeur and this very real kitchen! You will find some ideas that you can practice at home.

Ideas Kitchen Decorating at Home

Do not be afraid

For a small kitchen without sunlight, bright colors lift the room. If you are blessed with lots of natural light, do not hesitate to choose colors that are more like your ideas. The clothing does not seem just very elegant, but it also makes the skin more traditional.

White things

Design experts often state that pop colors are at the center of every room. Never the compulsory duty to dye, if you do not want to! This monochromatic kitchen looks clean and tidy. The white cabinets can not be used to ensure that the attention in this wind is the delicious food produced there.

High and go

Short in the closet and in the clothes drawer? Vertical path and use the entire empty space of the wall. Open shelves can create storage space that was not there and save everyday work with simple services. For something bigger, like a deck monster, while you fight here.

Forget to go formally

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place of bath for the whole family. If this is true for your home, look at the live room. Of course, eating a meal is not formal, but reflects your space as it truly replaces a more organic home.

Neutrals with a natural look

If you decide to go wild, you must use dark colors and excessive material. However, this kitchen achieves a good balance. The floors and the neutral bakeries become warm, while the white walls and the sky make the room open and light.

Explosions of color

For a dark or industrial game you do not have to pay for a complete redesign. Instead, put some details with small details such as a stained glass chair or a misalignment, light gloves and towels for the stove or occasional colored tools. Of course, you can also buy a new one or simply use a can of spray paint to change the various accessories you already have.

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