A colorful reset for an old house

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When it comes to decoration, most of us opt for the safety of the white wall and a courteous decoration. But you do not need a diploma in decoration to create a bright house with greenhouse details and colorful furniture. With a little instruction from professionals, you can get away from the taupe shyness and into the warm hugs of bright patterns, oversized furniture, simple combinations and matches, home decor.

That’s what happened to Emma Sumner when she and her husband Martin bought their family on the north coast of Norfolk. On a gentle hill, the brick house of Flint East Orchid generally enthrones a nostalgic attraction for the couple, who has two small children.

“We had a small cabin on the beach and we had fun there,” Emma said. “As our family grew and our friends began to have children, we decided to look for a bigger place, Martin and I spent our school holidays not far from here when we were young, and the field in the dunes and the roof tiles was Very moving, we were able to go by bicycle to the beach from home and in kayak and sail in the summer, both reminiscent of our childhood “.

There is a hint of a marine atmosphere in the dining room, where the blue roof of the lagoon adds drama

Even the creeping Gothic facade that swallowed him deceived him. “The house was once part of a plantation and has been inhabited since the construction by the same family,” said Emma, ​​who works in finance. “It has a sense of joy, care, I call it beautiful instead of beautiful, it also has a beautiful garden with a mix of formal and informal areas, and we know our children will have fun.”

“Like most houses in the Edwardian era,” Emma continued, “it was well built, and we liked large rooms with solid walls.”

The empty decorations on the wall and the worn-out chintz rooms demand serious boots for young families.

“We want to give new life to the house, we want it to be young, fun and bright,” he said. “But since I usually stay white, I realize we need help.”

An employee showed pictures of Emma from an interior designer Stephen Ryan project. “I love the color and the lack of respect for his style, but at that moment I thought the designer was someone else.” The meeting with Ryan reflected the prejudices. “The process is very simple, Stephen came to our house, asking how we live and how we want this new home to work, sending photos and wish lists, ideas for furniture, designs and fabrics.”

Instead of subtle typing, intelligent adjustments bring more light to the dark interior, distracting cool colors. In the living room, the narrow openings are replaced by double doors to make room. New glass panels on other doors connect the interior with the garden, which has a wide stone staircase and a cut in shape. There are more leaves in the garden room, where the Sylvanian and Lego Citadels families fill the emerald wallpapers. The lichen-covered wallpaper covers the smooth walls.

We continue to use neutral because we are afraid of making mistakes, but may also be wrong with the gray area
“At first I could not imagine what the design would be like, but I think Stephen, trust takes you,” said Emma. For example, in the upper part of the guest room, an elusive slippery glass curtain is so clear that guests, like the explorers in their cabin, can look out from the church tower from the marshes that stretch to the plain.

There is an allusion to the maritime atmosphere in the dining room, where the roof of the blue lagoon adds to the drama. The panel was original and sat well with a large Victorian table that a couple had inherited. “Our previous home is much smaller, so we can use it for the first time.”

The bright blue color shone in the guest dressing room, where the wallpaper with porcelain motifs formed the backdrop for Emma’s collection of old dishes. The tiles are original, but they do not have “twee”. [AAM]

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