Easy Tips to Decorate a Rented House

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Although there are restrictions when it comes to retirement, living for rent does not mean having a cold home without personality. With simple and inexpensive tips you can change a rented house or apartment into an environment with your face.
Home decoration designers, say the decor is democratic and does not have to be expensive. “It’s important to include pieces that tell each story of life, creating a visual identity.”

Do you want to try? See beautiful and inexpensive decorating tips to turn your rental home (or apartment) into a place to call home.

Color for the environment

Contact paper replaces wallpaper and can help in decorating any environment without damaging the original painting. Choose paper contact with colors

that follow the decoration of the area. “This material may cover dirty or damaged walls. It is also suitable for decorating kitchen furniture and tiles,

Proportion of furniture

If you are going to invest in new furniture, the decorator tip is measuring the space to the store before choosing pieces. It’s a very common mistake for people to choose pieces that are too big or too small for the room at home. Buy a sofa that fits in your living room and that allows circulation space.

What trade is cheap

Some of the items seen from rented houses and apartments are old and leave rooms with old or careless appearance. Mariana’s suggestion is to invest in the exchange of some clear and inexpensive parts. “Install a new faucet, replace the switch socket, buy a new button for the built-in closet, install a different light in the place of the lamp that is in the room” list. “Some items are so cheap that you can leave them in your room when you leave. Because they are easy to install, you can also take part when you move.”

Hide old tiles

If kitchen tiles do not please you, invest on contact paper to cover the entire surface. If the problem is in the bathroom, the technique cannot be used, depending on the humidity. In this case, Mariana applies the trick of “hiding what’s bad” by investing in items that attract attention. “Colorful curtains, with bags to wear, are a practical choice for small bathrooms. Holders of towels, soap dispensers, furniture under the sink or basket with typical flowers that will draw attention to the decoration.”

Understand colors

Large furniture, like a sofa, is expensive and attracts a lot of attention to decoration. To not regret the purchase, Mariana suggested buying goods in neutral colors. “It’s easier to work with beige, gray or brown parts. With a basic sofa we can play with decorations through blankets and pillows, a much cheaper alternative,” he explained. The decorator proposes to work in warm colors, like brown, red and orange, for environments in cooler cities. To refresh the house in a very hot area, you have to bet in green, blue and sand shades.

Curtain cloth

Blackouts and general blackouts in cold rented environments and convey the feeling of the office. Invest in ready-made curtains found in large stores to decorate. “Print is high and respects the environment. If the window is too large you can combine two different blinds, intersect colors, and create a modern effect,” he said.

Dream room

Bet on a hairy carpet to decorate the room and hide small defects from the floor. “Forget the small carpet, the hallway style. You can invest in a bigger one, which ends under the bed, because the effect is very modern”, stressed Mariana. According to him, light must also be done to improve the color of the environment. “A bedside lamp or a more yellow lamp creates a warmer and more comfortable environment.”

Understand functions

When renting an environment is not too large, it’s good to invest in things that help in decorating and time to manage the house. Plants that can be used in the kitchen are also a beautiful and inexpensive option to decorate the environment.

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