Best vacation area in Surabaya

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vacation area in Surabaya

It’s not difficult to signify how special Surabaya is. How come? Indonesia’s memories and foreign history fight for freedom, so this city is second to none.

We can say, Surabaya is a big city that stands proudly, but still becomes sad in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Yes, humility has become a silent witness to the sacrifices of the heroes who have fallen on the battlefield.

However, that cannot be an obstacle to the reasons there are reasons to feed Jakarta’s largest metropolis. It’s no wonder that there are many vacation areas in Surabaya that can be visited by all family members.

Let’s see a complete review of vacation areas in Surabaya that we have to visit once in a lifetime

1. Heroes’ Monument
vacation area in Surabaya
It is less difficult to be certified the way to Surabaya without visiting the Heroes Monument. You could say, here is one of the iconic cities known as the City of Heroes.

This monument was established to commemorate the 10 November 1945 war arek Suroboyo against the Allied forces. In this monument you can copy the museum which also contains photos of the Tugu Pahlawan construction documentation. It also allows you, you can also search around this place and feel the rain between the green grass.

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2. Bungkul Park
The origin of the name Bungkul Park cannot be separated from the Islamic religious leaders in Surabaya named Ki Ageng Supo or more familiarly called the title Sunan Bungkul or Mbah Bungkul. At the back of the park there is even his meal.

If you visit the park, you can use various types of games available such as skateboarding, BMX, jogging, plazas or performances for live shows until the Wifi area is free.

3. Ciputra Waterpark
Like Jakarta, the city of Surabaya which is also a metropolitan city in Indonesia, began to wriggle in the development of family vacation areas.

Well, the water playground located in the Waterpark Boulevard Citraland area, Sambikerep can be the right option when you are going to have a family vacation at the end of the week. The choice of water rides is even truly various. Guaranteed not to be bored.

4. Studio Agung Temple
When traveling begging Imlek to go to Studio Agung Temple. That said, this temple is an area where Dewi Kwam Im is her own event. This temple is truly charming because it is the right place on the beach. Indeed, generally a place to live in the middle of the city or near residential areas.

But, the pagoda which is located on Jalan Sukolilo 100, is complicated by Ria Kenjeran Beach. It is deliberately built near the beach and presents a charming panorama of mangrove forest views which can be a good photo spot.

5. Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Kepanjen Church)
Catholic Church Born in the Virgin Mary or Kepanjen Church, the Catholic church in Surabaya. What makes this church interesting is its unique European architecture.

Located on Jalan Kepanjen, this place of worship is adjacent to the building of Surabaya Frateran Catholic High School. This church was built after the arrival of a Dutch priest named Hendrikus Waanders.

6. Mount Bromo
Almost everyone knows Mount Bromo. However, have many of the intellectuals of Mount Bromo not only been a component of the city of Malang?

Yes, Mount Bromo is not far from Surabaya. Its location is flanked by four regions which are Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Malang Regency and Lumajang Regency. If you spend a visit to Mount Bromo when working on a Surabaya vacation, you must visit the savannah fields. Yes, here you can pay attention to aesthetic aesthetics that are second to none.

7. G Walk
There is one special Surabaya vacation area which is G-Walk. Yes, you could say this area is the area that hang out arek-arek Suroboyo. It is located in the elite area, Citra Raya Surabaya, making G-Walk the visited area when it is a holiday to Surabaya. Here you can find everything from typical Surabaya food to even contemporary specialties.

8. Zoo of Surabaya
This zoo has existed since the days of Dutch rule in Indonesia, you know. In fact, it has changed location once. The theme raised by the zoo is joint, research and conservation. So, visitors can find a lot of insight in the zoo which has around 315 species here.

9. Suroboyo Carnival Park
Ever imagined the night market or carnival? Yes, like the complicated Suroboyo Carnival Park on Ahmad Yani Street. It can be said that this is the biggest night amusement park in Surabaya. There are many fun options for games and rides

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