Best Advice For Brides You Need To Know

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This goes back to school for small children and in Une belle jour also. To start this year with a style that is better than the best advice given byour grooms! To find out how to manage a wedding, often you need to set it yourself, here are the tips that most often appear in our interviews about newlyweds:

1. We make choices that are really similar to us.

“Do the things you want, have fun!” Pauline & Xavier

“Don’t listen to others who always have opinions in everything and do what you want!” Axelle & Julien

This is your day and not someone else’s! Remember ideas that interest you and don’t limit yourself to habits, habits that you normally see everywhere: imagine what you want!

2. Communicate, share, involve your fiance!

“Let him get involved especially (we marry two!). Antoine has developed as much of my marriage and this is on all points. We think of everything together and especially the decorations. We are all two, and fortunately I can’t do it all alone.”

“Find compromise with your prospective husband carefully listening to everyone’s desires and highlighting the real priorities.” Camille & Christophe Well, even if between pink and pink fuchsia powder he doesn’t see too much difference, ask his opinion! For example, you can let him choose a car, entertainment for the night … You can’t feel ignored!

3. Organized!

“Set your budget. It’s scary but it will save you a lot of disappointment. We did a number of things on our party’s mess (previous guest list, then account) and it’s hard to have to give up almost fulfilled wishes.” Alix & Yong

“Prioritize: What is important to you? A beautiful dress? A good photographer? A unique place? Decide together, treat yourself to this post and still make sense about what is more useless for you.” Alix & Yong

“Make a list, and block everything that has been done when and when. You will progress quickly.” Coco & Francis

“Prepare maximum in advance: the secret of a stressful day is not to leave too much to do the last two weeks. Obviously my friends thought I was crazy with my sewing studio fabric banner in December for a wedding in June but in the end they were surprised to see us as relaxing a week before the big day (and in the swimming pool an hour before my private ceremony!) because everything is ready. And it’s not in vain not to be a big stress in the last days. Especially time passes very fast … “Bérangère & Laurent

We plan several hours per week to land, and move slowly to avoid stress when the big day approaches. The organization is identical with relaxation;)

4. We take the time to vote and we don’t forget to take a step back

“Take the time to choose your provider. Good contact is needed. If you don’t” feel “someone, don’t feel heard enough, don’t insist and vice versa, if the contact passes immediately don’t hesitate!” Yamouna & Anthony

“Take time for reflection on how to draw your wedding, but also about how to consume. Don’t rush to buy.” Morgane & Thomas

“Something I realized after a lot of rather difficult discussions with some of my providers: the quality of their services is very important, but also, their personalities. If it’s not really suitable, it will make things harder.” Coralie & Alex

“Trust your intuition (translation: don’t hesitate to cancel something if you don’t feel it, even at 1 month a day!)” Julien & Aurélie

5. We are not afraid to have fun.

“Have fun, if we can’t do it here, I ask you: When?” François & Aude

“Don’t limit yourself to your desire not to regret and do, repeat yourself:” We are only married once! “Juliette & Fabrice

“Dare to imagine and make a custom made wedding dress … to follow his wishes and stay true to his personality (material, color, cut …), for strength, right fit, change your mind to this idea, and share moments great intimate with experienced tailors. “Orianne & Mickael”


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