Architecture And Business Strategy

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In business competition, often a company is required to provide competitive services even superior to competitors. In creating excellence from competitors, it takes strategic policies that can add value to the organization. To take a strategic policy, must be determined first goal to be achieved. After that a strategy was developed to achieve it. A strategy or policy is taken is always based on information owned by the company

Information in business organizations is a vital resource. Because with sufficient information, management can take the right business decisions to add added value to the company. However, often the information owned by the company is inadequate to make the right decision. Therefore, required information systems that can process the data into a valuable information and useful for the company.

Because of the importance of the role of information systems to generate valuable information for the company, it is necessary to design an information system architecture that is in line with the business plan and objectives of a company. To equate the design of information systems architecture with business strategy and corporate objectives, a special approach is needed that aims to be aligned with the goals of the company.

In this era of technological advances, technology is often used for use in information systems. Not all technologies are suitable to be used to support the information system in the company. Before determining what type of technology will be applied, first what technology analysis will be implemented and implemented on a system. In the information technology (IT) analysis needed to support the existing information system within a company, a special approach is needed so that the analysis results are really appropriate to support the existing information system in generating valuable information for the company.

In preparing the strategic plan sistema information, required alignment between business objectives with information system strategy and information systems degan application of information technology in order to provide competitive advantage and added value of the company.

In the strategic planning of the information system, it must be understood firstly the relationship between business strategy, information system strategy, and also information technology strategy in order to know the frame of thinking in preparing the information system strategy plan.

In business strategy, it is the place where business policies are taken. It also set the direction and purpose of the business. That is, want to be made what the company is and also what changes should be made so that the goals of the company can be achieved. In deciding business strategy, it is necessary to consider the extent to which the development of Information Systems and Technology (STI) exist in the environment outside the organization, so that the changes set in the business strategy can run effectively and efficiently. From that point, it can also produce what excellence to make on STI implementation in business environment in order to compete with competitors.

Once the business strategy is established, the company has clear direction and objectives. Direction and purpose is used as a guide in preparing information system strategy. Information system strategy is made based on what needs are needed by the company to achieve the purpose of business. So the information system strategy must be true in accordance with business needs and demand to achieve competitive advantage from competitors.

From the information system strategy, will generate the needs and priorities of information systems that must be designed or created. From these needs and priorities can be determined what kind of technology can be applied in order to support the information system strategy that has been made. Planning technology that can be applied is called the information technology strategy. The information technology strategy focuses on the extent to which technology can contribute to assisting corporate activities. In addition, the information technology strategy is also oriented to the technology available today that can help the information system strategy sustainability so as to support the achievement of the direction and purpose of the company. (DCW)


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