A simple bedroom scheme should be a masterpiece of decorative restraint

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.A simple bedroom design can be perfect for a small space. But since a calm and the uncluttered environment is the most conducive to rest it’s a great goal for any size bedroom.

If you want to make your bedroom space into a simple retreat, here are some approaches to consider.

Subdued Pattern

First of all, avoid an overload of patterns. This doesn’t mean avoiding pattern altogether. Just keep things a bit more subdued. Try smaller prints and subtler graphical elements. Create visual interest through variation in the texture of room elements.

Tailored Window Treatments

Avoid elaborate window treatments. Some clean-cut Roman shades can look precisely perfect in a simpler bedroom scheme. Another option to consider is tailored roll-up blinds detailed with a pretty fringed edge. You might layer some lovely sheer, fabric panels on top. If you choose draperies, think tailored instead of boisterous, over-the-top arrangements.

Clean-Lined Bed

Your bed style can be an asset in a simple bedroom scheme. For example, an old-fashioned style, a metal bed is an excellent choice for a simple look. The metal detail offers a clean silhouette and invites you to slip into its comfortable depths. Contemporary style beds work well because of their clean lines. If possible, avoid a bed with a lot of decorative detail if you want to keep your look simple.

If you are creating a guest bedroom and have limited space, a daybed is an option to consider. Since it is accessed from only one side, it can be slightly more space efficient than a standard bed.

Restful Color Scheme

When it comes to color for your simpler bedroom, consider soft greens or blues for a restful atmosphere while avoiding hues that are loud and visually jarring. Whites and crèmes used together with touches of black can look very crisp and sophisticated.

Ultimately, a variety of color options can be effective, but evaluating how the scheme coordinates with the rest of your home’s décor is also important. If you provide a visual link through a common color or design element, your whole home will look and feel more unified as you move from one space to another. The link can be subtle and still be effective.

Restrained Accessories

Accessorize with a light touch in a simple bedroom scheme. A small vase of flowers, for example, is a way to add color and fresh texture to any simple bedroom design. It’s important that your accessories don’t overpower the room and disrupt the aura of simplicity. On the other hand, you need just the right touch to avoid a room the feels too sterile. Experiment until you achieve the right balance.

Uncluttered Atmosphere

Finally, a good closet organization system will be a great complement to your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to begin achieving a simpler bedroom design is to de-clutter and make sure everything is organized in its place, mostly out of sight.

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