8 Tips to Keep The House Clean and Tidy

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In the busy life of everyday life, it is not always easy to maintain a clean and orderly house. That is necessary for the welfare of all! Piles oflinen that accumulate in the living room, stains on the ground, bazaars at the entrance … are a lot of interference to sweep to have a pleasant interior to live in. Follow the advice of Camille Bresteau, interior designer for modular storage furniture designer Mycs, and Margaux Janin,┬ámarketing manager at Helpling (online platform for home services), which is responsible for relations with domestic helpers, for clean and tidy homes.

The desire to work well is not always enough to maintain a regular home. Some tips can help you do efficient cleaning or optimize storage. The first rule is not to put everything in the morning and not submerged. Having enough storage, sorting your items once or twice a year or choosing the right color at home are all ways to increase efficiency. With a little music and a good mood, everything also becomes easier. Snap your favorite playlists and read carefully the valuable pro tips for a very clean house, from floor to ceiling!

1. Clean when you go

Instead of always pushing back to the next day, it’s important to clean your house little by little. “The dishes must be made as and when, garbage is emptied regularly …” said Margaux Janin, who is responsible for relations with domestic helpers in Helpling. “The more work you do, the less you want to go in. Making household routines avoid mold or feces,” he continued.

Adopting certain reflexes can make a real difference in everyday life. Make your bed as soon as you wake up, clean the table after eating, clean the bath with a sponge after each use, etc. A small movement that keeps the house organized.

2. Profitability of space in the technical space for optimal storage

In rooms or technical spaces, furniture must be optimized. “Under the stairs, in a storage room or laundry room, use the whole place,” suggested Camille Bresteau, interior designer for Mycs, “in the technical room, make furniture go up all the way to get storage space.” invisible, more reasons to make the most of it. In the living room or living room, bet on a closed box and open for decoration.

3. Choosing the right household product

If certain chemicals are effective, natural products are effective and harmless to the home and the environment. “In the closet, it’s good to bake soda for everything, ammonia, a little coarser, to remove stains, white vinegar and lemon,” said Margaux Fetus. less sensitive! Olive oil also helps clean sticky residues, such as wood, or polish steel surfaces. “

If you choose chemicals, always see the manufacturer’s instructions. Some are dangerous, cannot be mixed or used with hot water, ask to wear gloves to limit contact with the skin … Avoid products that are too flavorful which can cause allergies. If possible, choose them without smell.

4. Make special storage for homes in sequence

“Adjust storage according to each user and fit the room at home,” advises Camille Bresteau. “We do not store in the same way according to their size and who we are. Storage must match those who will use it.” For example, if you are somewhat small, it’s best to put elements in the kitchen or clothes in your locker room at your fingertips. If you have children, choose a basket that is easily accessible for storage. Placing storage at the right height makes life easier for children and prevents them from becoming dangerous.

5. Divide large households

According to the surface to be cleaned and the number of residents at home, making a full household does not demand the same punishment. “The ideal is to split a piece of household with a really clean piece unaffected, Margaux offers a Fetus. Start with the bathroom and kitchen, the rooms are the most dusty and the hardest to end up in the room, so you also don’t need to move dirt around.

6. Adjust the shape of the furniture according to its contents for effective storage

Bazaars often come from inadequate furniture. Instead of fulfilling their main function, they mess up the interior. In the library, count as deep as 20 cm for books. In contrast, in the bedroom, cabinets must be deep and wide to accommodate clothes. most often used without losing space.

7. Always clean from top to bottom and from left to right

Caught in the heat of the moment, we often tend to start a household with what is eye-high. This is not a good reflex! “Households always go up and down, said Margaux Fetus. Thus dirt and dust do not fall on what has been cleaned.” Also remember to respect the same width direction, in the left to right cleaning area concerned.

8. Eradicate odors at home

An important point for a clean house, the ambient smell must be healthy and fresh. “For a fragrant path, use a small amount of baking soda with lime. Baking has a rough side and the lemon ensures a pure smell. The reason coffee is also a very good deodorant. Place it in the trash in the refrigerator or next to cat litter, a small coffee pot to disguise the smell. bad, and don’t forget to change from time to time.

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