5 Tips and Tricks to Use Professional Makeup

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Many answers were given to us thanks to valuable advice from professional makeup artists.

Learn natural makeup well

Whether for special events or even every day, here are some tips for applying makeup for amazing results when focusing on natural products. Here are some tips that are tailored for each of you.

1. Is the color of makeup a real criterion?

Even in the most natural range, there is a very wide palette. There are colors that are more fitting than others: blue eyes are better with dark colors, or red. Prem will be ideal for green eyes, such as walleye. Brown eyes can be used in many colors, but Walleye will go to them amazingly.

Naked is a very good compromise for not being wrong and for very natural results, regardless of skin, hair and eye color. We approach carnations or we will choose a little more vivid colors, especially at night. In general, you give your makeup to your personality, don’t feel disguised or too wise.

2. What are the tips for perfect skin?

Balance! We choose foundation based on our skin, to unite the skin and protect the skin. A good foundation is one that will eliminate pollution while not carrying toxic substances. Therefore we will support light texture and natural composition.

The ideal is to test the foundation on the skin, for example inside the wrist, to ensure that it is supported and that the color is suitable. We will aim brighter than darker. You can use loose powder to finish, or even powder “sun” or natural blusher.

3. Season, mode: what’s the trend?

It will be easier to find some colors depending on the mode, but the main thing is to mainly use colors that suit us, depending on what we wear, what we like. Don’t take too many fads that don’t suit you. Makeup will be better worn if it suits your personality.

In the same way, we will not really follow the season: of course in the holiday season we will tend to pull out gold, glitter, but nothing prevents you from doing it if it suits your style in mid-July.

4. Is striking lipstick a bad choice?

It all depends on how you make it. One tends to suggest not to associate very makeup and the mouth is too flashy, but everything will depend on your style.

You can choose gloss or semi-transparent lipstick for a more natural effect. Only strange to avoid absolute: the pencil line is darker than the mouth and lipstick. That can’t be seen.

5. Do you have specific suggestions for Métis for blacks?

I myself have dark skin and the main problem that I think is to make the skin become dull, while avoiding foundation makes the skin color become too gray. You can choose simple powders or look for suitable products (I make some of my cosmetics). On the side of the tone, there is no single answer because the sub-complex can vary from one person to another.

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