10 Tips That Cannot be Determined to Organize Your Marriage

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1. Detailed schedule for all participants

Plan well the D-day by showing who is doing what and when and giving copies to all who give you help for this big day (parents / witnesses / brothers …). You just have to let yourself go because everything will be arranged and taken in hand.

2. Destroy because everything is never perfect

I would say to immediately put myself in mind that things will not always happen as originally planned and because we are the only ones who know what we have planned, it is not worth stressing, no one will know that little details are missing. By cons, tell your marriage expert what is very important to you, like that at least that you will be sure that it will happen the way you want. With that, we enjoy a better day!

3. Don’t buy too much in front of the decoration

Delay is absolutely not a rule to follow a bride … but beware of haste, it is useless to choose all the decorations 12 months before, with the risk of falling future trends, which of course will make you melt with jealousy, but they will late. Because, of course, it’s also discouraged to change the decor of the place … every 15 days!

4. Don’t exaggerate your loved ones

By wanting to give them too many missions (to save some benefits), we can quickly arrive at failure. Because even though they have good intentions, they don’t need to know how to do it. And why not call a wedding planner?

5. Contact pro

Take the preparation of pro photographers in the morning cake at night! the photos will be the only memories today! and if you ask someone to record a speech. Maximum budget bets on these points!

6. Anticipate the details

Make a photo of a table decoration, decorate the room, in short all your wedding decorations that you want and EVERY detail so that those who put up don’t come to break the candy during your hairdresser / make-up session (or find in the picture they forgot to put water into candlestick: it is from the living).

7. Create a wedding blog

We have created a website where we have taken all the important information: the steps of the day, people to contact, RSVP, marriage lists, etc … and we mention the site address in our announcement! Everyone doesn’t understand that there is a site, but overall it is very comfortable, and that saves us from answering the same question 100 times!

8. Invite only important people

Only invite the people you really want to meet at your wedding! We quickly realized during preparations that were so-and-nothing to do with marriage … And it was too late. At worst: Create a Bis guest list and send them to share only 2 to 3 months in advance.

9. Make a marriage in its image

Don’t let go of what you want to please your family! We don’t think it’s bad to give up this or that idea that we have because we don’t want to enter conflict or to please someone but in the end we have the impression of losing a little marriage … So, wait for something important to you! And refocus regularly on the real question: what does it mean to make a successful marriage?

10. Don’t tell yourself that we will always think about D-Day

Fanny: To plan everything before in the smallest detail and not to say to myself “I have to think about it at that moment” because obviously, on H- days, we allow ourselves to be “carried” by events and the brain is in extinct mode … for example, I had left in my wardrobe that I wanted to put down for lunch the next day told me “when I put my dress down, I would take a second dress under my arm and put it in the trunk”. Of course, I forgot and I realized it on Sunday morning when I woke up. So the day before we prepared everything, we put everything.

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