10 Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

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Selling a home is a complex transaction that requires seriousness and preparation. Here are 10 tips to make it fast and hassle free.

1. Choose your real estate broker

Make sure you find one that you can trust and that will meet your needs. For example, reputable brokers who deal with dozens of properties may not be suitable for sellers who need high availability. Contact your group for recommendations and meet more than one candidate before making your choice.

2. Set realistic prices

Prices that are too high will prevent potential buyers and extend the time to sell your home. That is why it is important to set a realistic and competitive selling price. You will do this by comparing your home with homes that are sold or recently sold in your neighborhood. Also consider what can affect the value of your property: years of construction, materials used, lots, building conditions, etc. Your broker must guide you through this step. Do you sell your own home? Use approved assessors, neutral professionals who can set property prices.

3. Make effective marketing

Home marketing must be organized and effective! Take advantage of various windows to promote it: special newspapers and magazines, classified ads, websites, and social media. Post as many photos of your house as possible! You can also entrust your marketing to a real estate sales company without intermediaries. Do you have an agent? He will take care of this aspect.

4. Clean thoroughly

Every owner must do a great cleaning before opening the door to visitors. Windows, carpets, walls, ceilings, joints around the bathtub and sink …, your property must be free of dust, dirt and odor. The first impression has a large impact on the perception that potential buyers maintain their visit.

5. Maximize the value of your property

Professional real estate is round in making his home comfortable, this helps to find buyers. To create a good atmosphere, follow the house staging rules. And purify your REDUCING decorations, align and refresh your home, correct obvious defects and bet on drunk and relaxed lighting.

6. Be transparent

Motto: transparency. Water infiltration occurred last spring? Even if you have corrected the damage, state the incident in your statement. You will be able to avoid the possibility of legal proceedings. If you are in doubt about the condition of your home, ask to be checked before it is sold.

7. Know your rights and obligations

Did you know that a seller is responsible for the bad nature of his house, even if he doesn’t know it? Familiarize yourself with the sales process, the rights and obligations of sellers and buyers.

8. All about documents

If you want to sell yourself, first consult the form (promise to buy, attachment, etc.) that will be used during the property sales process. You will be able to read and affirm without pressure – and not in euphoria caused by tempting offers – all the intricacies of this legal document. If you have questions, consult your notary or the OACIQ website to get information.

9. Sell first, then buy

Do you intend to buy your future property before closing your home sale? This practice – unfortunately, quite common – can make you lose big … And if an interested person pulls out his offer after examining your property? What if there are no other buyers coming to you? You may be forced to revise your price, or worse, have two residences in your hands.

10. Follow your broker carefully

Have you maintained a real estate brokerage service to help you in your efforts? Make sure he works for you! Ask for a weekly report about the activity by asking him about the number of calls received and comments that visitors might give. Ask for his advice, ask him about his marketing strategy, in short, interested in his work!


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