10 Tips for Bridesmaids

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Choosing clothes to be used in a wedding is not always an easy task. If that is clothing for who will be a godfather or godmother. Betrayed! And if it’s still a wedding dress during the day, then it’s harder! For this reason, we have chosen several performances and tips to help in this complicated moment.

Godparents and godmothers are important characters of marriage, both in the life of the couple and in marriage, after all, helping to arrange the altar. In today’s marriage it is common for brides to show the color of bridesmaid dresses and whether they will be long or short. Just like the style of a bridal costume. When the bride doesn’t show it’s good to follow some rules about how to choose wedding clothes for the day.

What clothes will be worn for the wedding day?

1. If the bride will show the color of the dress, the first thing to do is decide what color will be. It is good to remember that the color of the wedding dress for the day must not match the decoration. That is necessary, yes, which matches the style of the party and it pleases all the bridesmaids.

2. But if the bride does not make suggestions, it is important to follow a few rules to not make a bad party. Always remember, you don’t have to wear a white dress, be exaggerated or even embroidered.

3. Weddings in the morning are usually more informal, and bridesmaids can wear suits or dresses when cinnamon (classic) or ankle (Ankle), with a light and dull tone. The most recommended model of wedding day dresses is chanel or longuete style. If bridesmaids want to wear long dresses, it is best to choose light fabrics such as crepe.

4. Colors must be clear or pastel colors such as guava, yellow, salmon, blue, purple, green. Beads and satin are allowed. Avoid wedding day dresses with shiny fabrics and prefer discrete accessories. Pearl texture is preferred to crystal brilliance. If the marriage is outdoors, one can wear a hat, but only in a very subtle ceremony. If not, avoid it.

5. At a wedding held in the afternoon, you can use the same style in the morning, the tone can vary from clear to slightly stronger and longer. Also a little soft luster and embroidery is accepted. And the colors can be warmer and darker than wedding party attire, like wine, moss green, blue, purple, but without exaggeration of sparkle and shape.

6. Clothes for maid makeup for the party in 2018 ask for a wiser appearance. Makeup should not be too much, but it also doesn’t have to be removed to avoid embarrassment. To be perfect, it is best to invest in soft, clear and open colors.

7. It is always good to remember that bridesmaids must stand out from other guests, but never more than the bride. And even if the bride does not determine the color of the bridesmaid’s dress, it’s good to talk to her to find out the chosen theme. Because, if it is more formal and traditional, the dress must be long. For a more relaxed and modern wedding, you can go with a shorter dress. 2018 wedding dresses must be in harmony with the place, the weather and the time the party will happen!

8. Now, if the bride must choose the same wedding dress model during the day for all bridesmaids, you should look for what looks good on all biotypes. It must be avoided that it will fall and shine a lot, because the twists of these dresses vary from person to person. We recommend that you choose a more basic model, preferably straight cut.

9. Groomsmen clothing is determined by the groom’s clothes. If he has a looser style of clothing, groomsmen can use something less formal. And that is the same rule of the bride: the most important of the sets is the one who is married. In more formal ceremonies, for example, the groom can wear a full suit, with a vest. The godparents were released from their vests. Clothing for the wedding day on the site can be stripped naked and men can even release sponsorship from the suit, but he needs to wear a jacket or blazer to distinguish.

10. The colors for men’s clothing for the wedding day can be cream, blue and light gray, for periods when the sun hasn’t set yet. Dark gray and black look good after 6 pm For those who do not want to take risks, the navy falls well all the time.


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