10 Basic Items For Beginner Makeup

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I will start with the subject we all like here: makeup. In an ideal world, we all have a professional who is ready to be perfect every hour or at least we have the ability of Camila Rabbit to make skin. Because life is not like that, we insist on daily practice and choose products that make our lives easier.

Because makeup is not everything, but it helps a lot to look in the mirror and feel more beautiful, right? And neither because it changes (okay, he is also able to do it), that is because it enhances our beauty: highlights strength and hides imperfections, stops the statement of love through makeup. So if you wake up with the aim to beautify yourself, but don’t know which items are really needed.

The basics of everyday makeup are this one:

1. Facial Moisturizer

Never, I repeat, never start makeup without moisturizing the skin first, okay? This is the rule.

2. Facial Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the second most important rule! Nobody here wants to age before time, right? So, please, give me a protector on this little face. And don’t think that just because of a cloudy day you don’t need to wear a protector. Yes, you do! Nobody missed this step.

3. Base or BB Cream

If you want the appearance of “I don’t look like I’m applying makeup, but I use makeup,” I suggest using BB Cream, because it gives uniformity to the skin and you already think you are a diva without looking emblazoned. Now, if you don’t want to look like you’re makeup, you can play base and be happy.

4. Corrective

This item is for people from teams who suffer from dark circles or for that day when an uninvited spine decides to appear to visit you.

5. Blush

After this skin uniform, it’s time to flip. Be careful not to look like you are taking a flip-flop on your face, huh ?!

6. Eyeliner or Eye Pencil

Yes, I know. If you start now, perhaps your biggest trauma is the eyes of cats that never come out the same. I have also passed this phase. But practice leads to perfection, so don’t give up. But if you give up only for today, because it’s too late, just skip the black pencil in the water line and have guaranteed a fatal appearance.

7. Mascara

You know that the product you don’t care about, but when you enter and look in the mirror, you will see “wow!” This is mascara, guys. Enter and skip as many layers as you need. Not afraid to erase, because after it dries, just pass the cloth that comes out EVERYTHING – just be careful not to remove the core.

8. Brush Kabuki

If I have to choose only one brush to get life, it will be kabuki. He is mega multipurpose, can provide bases, powder, blush, everything. It’s small but full and practical. He will be your best friend at the beginning of this trip, believe me!

9. Lipstick

It’s time for your favorite lipstick. Whether it’s a naked woman or a red femme, go and grab!

10. Monitoring

As important as items 1 and 2: never sleep with makeup! Your skin needs to breathe and sleep with makeup that is quite harmful to the pores, can make pimples and age the skin. No one here wants that to happen, right? So, be sure to stop by the pharmacy and buy makeup or cleaning erasers. Or even wash your face with warm water, but never forget to delete all makeup. Combined?

And an additional tip, facial moisturizer passes again when you remove makeup.

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